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A Spreadsheet for Building Adwords Copy

Use this free spreadsheet to build out your Google Adwords Text Ad copy outside of the Google Adwords Tool. The spreadsheet includes a counter to alert you when your copy is too long and provides a preview function.

Click to Download Google Adwords Text Copy Builder

Free Spreadsheet for building Adwords Copy

Google Adwords Policies for Text and Image Based Ads

Ad Text Editorial Policy

  • Be clear and concise
  • Be relevant and targeted to users’ interests
  • Reflect Google values and aesthetics
  • Be accurate and honest
  • No hidden surprises
  • Cannot offer prizes for clicks
  • Use correct spelling
  • Punctuation cannot be repeated two or more times in a row (no !!)
  • No exclamation point in the title of the ad
  • No substituting words with symbols, numbers or letters
  • Use correct spacing. For example, no “c-h-e-a-p” or “shop,buy,sell”).
  • No extra punctuation
  • Use proper grammar
  • Capitalization only allowed for the first letter of each word
  • Cannot repeat the same word three or more times in a row
  • No offensive or inappropriate language
  • No call to action (for example, “click here”)
  • No use of Google trademarks
  • Superlatives (best, #1) are only allowed if verification by a valid third party is clearly displayed on your site
  • Competitive claims (better, easier, stronger) must be supported on landing page
  • Prices, discounts, and free offers advertised on the ad must be supported within 1-2 clicks of landing page

Image and Animated Ads Policy

  • High quality, clear video and images
  • Text must be clear and legible
  • No deceptive tactics (mimicking computer functions, dialogue boxes, error messages, features)
  • Cannot mimic a text ad
  • Must completely fill the area of the image size chosen
  • Cannot be segmented, contain multiple copies of itself within the ad, or otherwise appear to be more than one ad
  • No rotated, inverted, sideways, or upside down images
  • Be family safe (appropriate for minors) — no alcohol, adult, sexual themes or inappropriate language
  • No strobe, flashing, or distracting effects
  • Ads cannot expand beyond the frame