7 Tips to Maximize Twitter Engagement

Fusework Studios, an Internet Marketing, Web Design and SEO agency out of Indianapolis put together this great infographic from a BuddyMedia report. In “Strategies for Effective Tweeting: A Statistical Review” we find the following 7 tips for maximizing your engagement on Twitter:

  • Best days to tweet are Saturday and Sunday – increasing engagement of a tweet by 17%. Worst days to tweet: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Tweets published between 8a and 7p gain a 30% increase in engagement over other timeframes
  • Keep your tweets short and sweet: a tweet less than 100 characters can increase engagement by 17%
  • Use hashtags: Tweets with hashtags experience 2x more engagement than tweets without #hashtags
  • Use hashtags sparingly: tweets with more than 2 hashtags saw a decrease in engagement of 17%
  • Amplify your tweets by asking followers to ReTweet or RT. This can increase your ReTweet rate by 12 times
  • If you can still keep your message short, spell out ReTweet, instead of using RT to gain more amplification

Tips to Increase your Twitter Engagement