Building Community Around Product Niche – SPI #49

This is an interview with Brendan Hubbard, owner of The following Internet Marketing Cliff Notes are meant to give you an overview of the topics covered to help you determine if the content aligns with what you are trying to learn at the moment. They are in no way exhaustive representations of the quality of the content. The value you achieve by listening to a podcast, or watching a webinar far exceeds what these cliff notes can provide.

  • Note to self – Check out Smart Passive Income Reader Challenges
  • Note to self – Check out Smart Passive Income Backlinking Strategies
  • The content on GI Reviews are both subjective and neutral. The goal is to add in some personality to the content
    • Dog Approval – pictures of Brenden’s dogs
    • Wife Approval – what she likes about the products
    • People buy things because of relationships and this type of content assists in sales
  • ZenHabits Website was a great motivator for Branden – “Map out your fears – what is the worst thing that can happen”
  • Strategy – Partnering with Brands for giveaways helped drive over 1,000 new subscribers
  • Brenden launched an e-book, Epic GI Reviews to help drive loyalty, sales and position as the authority in the market.
  • The site is monetized through affiliates, private banners and now Brendan has branched out into books and DVDs